Why Use Granite Kitchen Renovations

Granite over lays is proven to be heat, stain and scratch resistant, available in a range of colours and styles to transform your existing kitchen overnight. Benchtop makeovers can be completed in one day and kitchen makeovers can be completed in 3 to 4 days.

We also can replace your tired and warn kitchen cabinet doors and panels with a range of styles and 2 pac finishes.

Granite benchtop overlays

Don’t replace it, reface it.

Sunstate resurfacing specialise in transforming tired, worn and dated kitchens into modern display pieces. We not only alter the size and shape of your benchtop but we can also replace cabinet doors, draw faces and panels with your choice of finish. We can complete a benchtop or kitchen makeover for much less then replacement cost and without the inconvenience of major renovation work.

ROXX stone – ROXX is a 6mm thick engineered stone made from natural quartz and granite. ROXX stone technology creates a flexible, hard wearing, highly stain resistant stone surface to enable free thinking designers to apply stone surfaces to countless spaces to sculpt advanced interior solutions.

Advanced designs utilise these beneficial elements by integrating ROXX natural surfaces into interior spaces for living and working environments.

Laundry makovers in Stone Benchtops, new doors and panels, 2 pac and laminate finishes available. We do kitchens and Vanities also new basins and benchtops doors and panels.