A General Review of the Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioner

Fujitsu is Australia’s most renowned and awarded consumer electronics brand. It has a long history of innovative products in its fields. However, none of it comes close to their air conditioning units. The company offers an extensive range of air conditioners designed for residential use, all of which come equipped with the excellent features that the Fujitsu brand has become well-known for. Its range of air conditioner systems includes the Fujitsu split system, wall-mounted, reverse cycle, multi-type, and more. With that said, let’s look at their split system air conditioner and see exactly what Fujitsu has to offer. If you’re interested in buying one, the best deals are found at Airware Sales.


The Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioner

Fujitsu produces four main types of air conditioners here in Australia. However, for this report, we’ll review their top-of-the-line split system air conditioner, along with its feature and prices to help you make a more informed purchase decision.


Range of Split Types

When it comes to the most common and in-demand type of residential air conditioner, Fujitsu offers three ranges for its split system – the Classic Range, Designer Ranger, and Lifestyle Range. The Classic Range models are the company’s basic practical split system air conditioners, while the Lifestyle Range models are more energy-efficient, along with human sensor control to improve temperature control and efficiency. The Designer Range is models that come with the features of the Lifestyle Range but have a sleeker and modern aesthetic appearance. All of them are available – with discounted prices – at Airware Sales.


Which One is the Best?

Of the three ranges, the Designer Range has won two awards, one for ‘design that enriches people’s everyday lives,’ and one for ‘innovative air conditioning product design.’ Fujitsu employs its signature ‘Anywair’ technology. This feature is built-in wireless connectivity that enables users to control individual room temperatures using their mobile phones. All they need is to download an application, let their phone detect the signal from their split system, and they’re all set. With this system, you can set your air conditioner to turn on before you even arrive home from work. You can set it to your desired temperature so that your home will be comfortable the moment you walk inside.



Price-wise, expect to pay anywhere from AU$1,000 to nearly AU$4,500 for the largest Fujitsu split system air conditioner. You can also get the best deals and from Airware Sales. Shop now, and we’ll throw in a 15% discount for new customers.