What to Look for in Marquee Tents For Hire

For any event that requires an enclosure and protection from the elements, a marquee tent is an obvious choice. Marquee tents are portable buildings that can be erected in a few minutes and are usually fully fitted in one day for maximum convenience. They are also relatively lightweight to transport to the site of the event and easy to set up on the ground. Most marquees offer various facilities that can include a bar for a few hours before and after the event, dance floors, bathrooms, and even a large stage for band rehearsals and performances.

marquee hire AdelaideThere are several models available for marquee tents depending on the number of people using the facility. Many marquees offer an attached kitchenette and bathroom. Also, many feature electricity and heating as well as a veranda with room for entertaining guests. Marquee hire Adelaide can also be designed as semi-permanent structures and covered with mesh to provide shade during the cooler months. These structures can also double as coverings for alleys or pathways.

When interviewing prospective marquee vendors, be sure to ask what equipment and services they offer. You should also ask about the amount of space that marquees can accommodate and whether soundproofing is available. If soundproofing is available, it will ensure that all guests can access outside noise and prevent the possibility of echo inside the building. Marquee tent rental services should be able to provide you with a full list of all services offered, including special arrangements for wedding or events.

When looking at marquee companies for your next event, ask if they will come and put your tents up for you. Some companies will come and do this for you as part of a package deal, while others will charge you a fee for this service. Before hiring any company, see if they offer this free of charge service and compare prices between multiple providers. It can be challenging to identify who will provide the best service based on price alone. If a company is willing to come and put up your marquees for you for free, this may be an indication that they are a good company to use for your next event.

You should always ensure that the marquee tents for hire that you choose are in top condition. You don’t want your guests to have to stand and wait in the hot summer sun for the marquee to be erected. You should ensure that the tent is easy to set up, that no materials are damaged during setup, and that the tent is flat and in good repair. If you are hiring marquee rental services for an outdoor event, you should also inquire about the quality of the marquee.

If you need marquees for various types of events, you must choose reputable marquee tent hire businesses like Modern Party Hire. The last thing you wish is to have a marquee that doesn’t work for your needs. If you don’t ask questions when you are shopping around for marquees for hire, you may be getting taken advantage of. By having the time to research different companies, you will find one that can give you the marquees that will work best for your event and budget.