A Short Guide of Installing a Ducted Air Conditioner

Are you planning to build and install a ducted air conditioning system at home? If so, then you’re in luck! In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can install the #1 ducted air conditioning Adelaide system. So, sit back and continue reading.

Necessary Preparations

#1 Ducted Air Conditioning AdelaidePlace your dust covers in valuable furniture, appliances, and furnishings. Some installers use drop sheets, but dust covers work just fine. There’s also plaster dust that you can use in case of gyprock ceilings and sawdust that lands on surfaces like tables and benches.

Determine the Preferred Location of the Condenser (Outdoor Unit).

Consider the following factors when selecting the location of your outdoor unit:

  • Close to the switchboard.
  • Away from your bedroom.
  • Away from my neighbour’s bedroom.
  • Away from your outdoor living areas (patio, verandah, carport, etc.)

The senior installer may also recommend another location based on the length of the pipe that’s connected to the indoor unit and other factors.

Determine the Preferred Location of the Controllers

The controllers should be mounted in frequently used areas like the living room. When installing air conditioning systems, note that the electrician may recommend a different location based on the ability to run cables down the walls.

Installation of Ducted Air Conditioning Unit

The installers will arrive at the approximate time of the day according to what you have agreed upon during your initial meeting. There will be three to four installers on the team, depending on the size and sophistication of the installation.

Step 1: A detailed inspection of your roof cavity will be done. This allows the installers to plan the ideal location of the indoor unit, as well as the layout of the ducts, the return air grill location and the best position of the outdoor unit.

Step 2: The ceiling hole intended for the return air grill is cut open in preparation for the next stages.

Step 3: The indoor unit will then be disassembled into three parts to make sure that it will fit into the ceiling. Note that the ducted system designer will adjust the size of the return air grill so that all its components will fit perfectly through the hole.

Step 4: The roof’s structure is used to suspend the indoor unit and eliminate any vibrations via the ceiling. Once it’s in place, the safety tray is then mounted underneath the indoor unit.

Step 5: The outdoor unit of your #1 ducted air conditioning Adelaide unit is placed in position and is run from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit.

To read the full details of this installation process, head to our blog page by clicking this link. You can also find other useful resources there that will help you with all of your DIY installation projects in the future.