The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Outdoor Blinds Adelaide

Summer is finally over! What did you do during the raging months? We want to assume that you had a blast. But if you didn’t, we’d also assume that it’s because you didn’t have outdoor blinds Adelaide at home. This type of blind is similar to any normal window blind, as well as serving the same purpose. But the difference is that it’s bigger and it’s made for outdoor use. It’s currently one of the best outdoor features right now – perfect for verandahs, patios, and even your pergolas. However, keep in mind that when you decide to install outdoor blinds, you should be aware of the numerous do’s and don’ts that come with cleaning and maintaining it. In this article, we’re going to go over the things that you should and shouldn’t do when cleaning your outdoor blinds.



  • Use a cleaner that’s specifically made for the type of fabric that you’re using for your outdoor blinds. If all else, use a light, chemical-free and gentle cleaner. This solution will remove stains out without causing any long-term damage to the fabric of your outdoor blinds.
  • When using a sponge of cloth, make sure not to brush too harshly or roughly. Doing so will strain the material over time, causing it to fry over time, mainly when done repeatedly on a regular basis.
  • For stains, make sure you clean it immediately. Taking action right away and cleaning stains the moment they occur will avoid discolouration that will happen once the stains are left for an extended period.
  • Clean your outdoor blinds Adelaide Use a microfiber cloth with a soft and smooth surface. It will get dirt and grime off without leaving marks behind.
  • When cleaning stubborn stains (e.g., stains that have dried due to overexposure from the sun), soak the stain with warm water. Afterwards, wipe the softened stain clean with a microfibre cloth.




  • When washing your outdoor blinds, avoid using steam cleaners, rotary brushes or power washers. These materials can be too harsh and can pull the fabric off the aluminium frame. It can also cause long-term damage to the actual fabric.
  • In addition, avoid using alcohol, solvents, and other strong liquid chemicals when cleaning stains. These substances can discolour and weaken the fabric.
  • When cleaning your outdoor blinds, avoid cleaning during humid conditions. The humidity can cause mould to develop.


These are the dos and don’ts of cleaning your outdoor blinds. Make sure you follow these instructions carefully to ensure that your outdoor blinds Adelaide are attractive and well-maintained.