A Brief Introduction to Rain Gauge Australia

A rain gauge can be described as a device used to measure rainfall over a defined area in a defined period of time. This is considered an essential tool used by individuals and professional meteorologists to forecast future rainfall levels. Generally, these instruments are calibrated against the precipitation that occurs daily. These rain gauges are widely used in many different world regions, especially in areas prone to heavy rains and flash floods. These instruments are commonly used in the fields of irrigation, environmental monitoring, disaster management and hydroelectricity. Buy a rain gauge at www.InstrumentChoice.com.au now.


The first British measurement of rainfall, called ‘rain gauge’, was made in 1775. It was based on measurements taken from the surface of the earth’s surface using two large lenses that contained drops of water. The drops measured the height of the water at that particular moment. Today, modern rain gauges are sophisticated devices usually attached to measuring mechanisms such as rain gauges, altimeters and thermometers.


Another type of rain gauge Australia measures is snowfall. This instrument is commonly made from metal or plastic and is known as a snow thermometer. This instrument can be used to measure snowfall in various locations. It consists of a cylinder filled with water equivalent to the weight of 1 tonne. There is a tube leading to a small hole in the top of the cylinder containing a piston; the piston is used to oscillate the water contained inside the tube, which produces an indication of the snow level present in the snow dome. Buy a rain gauge at www.InstrumentChoice.com.au now.


The measurement of rainfall can also be determined by using rain gauges for various other purposes. The primary purpose of these instruments is to facilitate local authorities in planning local emergency preparedness. For instance, one-day records indicate the rainfall for the entire day. Similarly, daily records show the rainfall for the entire week. Such information is essential for emergency preparedness. Buy a rain gauge at www.InstrumentChoice.com.au now.


rain gauge AustraliaRain gauges are also used extensively in scientific research. Different types of precipitation can be studied through various techniques. Measurements of rainfall are crucial in studying the seasonal cycle of the atmosphere, cloudiness and precipitation. Additionally, such measures can be used for climate change predictions.


Rain gauges are available in different forms. Small rain gauges are used to record the precipitation for single measurements while larger instruments are used to measure accumulated precipitation and record the range of variation. There is a wide range of choice when it comes to the selection of a rain gauge Australia for the application. While the cylinder type is preferred for single measurements, the data collection is possible only when the tube is inserted into a standard rain gauge.